Prof J William McEvoy

Prof. J. William McEvoy

NIPC Medical and Research Director, Chair of Executive Council

Welcome to the October NIPC e-bulletin! I always find this is an exciting time of year, as we head into that November/December “lead-in” to Christmas. Exciting also because November is the month of our annual National Prevention Conference!

This year’s conference lineup of speakers and topics looks amazing. Dr. Jenni Jones and Maureen Boyle, our NIPC team who organise the meeting, have outdone themselves again! Please review the agenda and register here. Also, TODAY we have a very interesting lunchtime NIPC series update on AFib and Stroke Prevention led by 2 of Irelands top heart rhythm doctor experts. You can join by signing up here.

From a research point of view, I’m also very excited that we are ready to launch the results of both our follow-up study of the iASPIRE cohort and the results of the virtual MySlainte programme conducted during COVID-19 lockdown. Both studies have very important implications for CVD prevention in Ireland and I hope that both studies will result in changes that improve outcomes for Irish patients. That is what we at NIPC are all about!

This post is an extract from the monthly NIPC Alliance e-Bulletin.

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