MSc Preventive Cardiology:

Lifestyle Approaches to Cardiovascular Health and Lifestyle Medicine

The scientific evidence for cardiovascular disease is compelling but translating this evidence into effective patient care is a challenge. This innovative programme in Preventive Cardiology is largely delivered online, and provides students with the knowledge and practice skills required to bridge this implementation gap and achieve the recommended lifestyle and therapeutic targets. It is currently the only postgradute progamme in Preventive Cardiology worldwide.

Programme Aim

The MSc programmes aims to equip students with knowledge and skills required to make meaningful contributions to the discipline of preventive cardiology. The programmes are aimed at all healthcare professionals with a role in prevention of cardiovascular disease, such as physicians, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, physical activity specialists, pharmacists, psychologists, occupational therapists, sports scientists, health promotion and public health specialists.

Programme Duration

The programme is full time “in-service” and requires students to attend a virtual taught component (typically 1-2 Thursday/Friday evenings (3-7pm) and 1 Saturday per month), complete directed study at a distance and a clinical component which includes their workplace. 

To find out more, please download the Course Brochure. Applications for the 2023 intake are now being accepted.

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For More Information:

Dr Jenni Jones, Course Director

Course Brouchure

Student Testimonials

I would recommend this programme to anyone with an interest in preventive medicine, or working in the area of heart disease. Not only has it given me a huge knowledge which adds to my years of nursing practice but it has given me huge confidence in myself gaining such.


Staff Nurse, Cardiothoracics

I would definitely recommend this programme. It is very manageable with full time work as most lectures are weekend based. The whole programme is relevant not only to management of cardiac patients but to general population as many of the subjects taught relate to overall health improvements and general disease prevention.


Staff Nurse, Cardiology

This course is a comprehensive course on preventive cardiology and ways to enhance a healthy living. I would recommend it to all who work in areas that endorse healthy lifestyles to their clients/patient. 


Staff Nurse, Clinical and Patient Care

I enjoyed this course, it is very intensive and at times I thought it would be difficult to complete in one year. Now, having widened my knowledge base and formally integrated changes to my practice; I see the benefits to the patient in practicing preventive cardiology care. My family, friends and colleagues have also benefited from my completing this course.


Smoking Cessation Co-Ordinator

I would encourage clinicians in the field of Cardiology, Obesity, Diabetes and Stroke to apply for this programme. Clinicians who wish to gain the required skills and tools to effectively instil the importance of prevention among their patients and contribute to the ongoing research efforts to raise the bar in Preventive Cardiology worldwide would benefit from this course.


Biomedical Science Graduate

This course provides a wide perspective on management and prevention of cardiovascular disease, giving skills and knowledge which can be adapted for many varying patient population groups. It has given me the confidence to broaden my scope of practise and to use my skills in a multi-disciplinary environment as a more rounded professional. 


Staff Nurse, Clinical and Patient Care