NIPC is an independent medical research and education institute striving to position Ireland as a leader in Cardiovascular Health

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November 7th 2020

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November 20th 2020


Education and Training

NIPC delivers a range of education and training programmes for healthcare professionals in the areas of prevention and cardiovascular health promotion


The NIPC drives innovative and vital research in the areas of Heart, Stroke, Diabetes and Obesity.

NIPC Alliance

Bringing together healthcare professionals, institutions and industry in preventive action.

Leadership in Prevention

The National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health (NIPC) is an independent medical research and education institute. The overarching goal of NIPC is to enhance the cardiovascular well-being of the Irish population through research, education, and communication of evidence-based health information. By doing so we also strive to position Ireland as an international leader in cardiovascular health. We work in strong partnership with the National University of Ireland, Galway and Croí, the Heart and Stroke Charity.

Cardiology Webinar Series

19.30-21.00 | Thursday, July 16th 2020

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June Message from NIPC Medical & Research Director

June Message from NIPC Medical & Research Director

Finally, there are some things we can celebrate this month; for example, the weather has been great overall, it looks like travel is starting to open up a little just in time for a Summer staycation, and, most importantly, we have suppressed COVID-19 in our...

May Message from NIPC Medical & Research Director

May Message from NIPC Medical & Research Director

Good weather always reinforces the joy of physical activity. I hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather in May and have been using it well. As advocates for CVD prevention, we must practice what we preach and be good role models for our patients; there is no...




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Education and Training

The NIPC provides a portfolio of educational and training programmes in the prevention and control of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and active lifestyles. This portfolio includes programmes designed specifically to meet workforce development needs and support continuous professional development right through to a range of formal postgraduate qualifications.

Demystifying the ECG

This is a blended workshop which comprises of a half day of online learning and a half day of real-time workshop sessions. Participants will have the option to partake in these workshop sessions either virtually or face-to-face. This course addresses the needs of primary care nurses and doctors, hospital-based nurses, private and public, paramedics and other allied health professionals who encounter ECG. It aims to be as interactive as possible, with participants encouraged to bring along ECGs for discussion.

MSc Preventive Cardiology

The scientific evidence for cardiovascular disease is compelling but translating this evidence into effective patient care is a challenge.

This innovative programme in Preventive Cardiology is delivered in the NIPC Headquarters, the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre in Galway, and provides students with the knowledge and practice skills required to bridge this implementation gap and achieve the recommended lifestyle and therapeutic targets.

It is currently the only postgradute progamme in Preventive Cardiology worldwide. The MSc and PG Dip programmes aims to equip students with knowledge and skills required to make meaningful contributions to the discipline of preventive cardiology. 

NIPC Fellowship Programme

The NIPC is delighted to launch the NIPC Fellowship Programme. The fellowship is in honour of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the Institute and who have made highly significant contributions to the field of preventive cardiology, either by virtue of their clinical leadership or track record in education, research and/or public policy development.

Closing Date for Applications: 28th August 2020

Join the NIPC Alliance

Bringing together Institutions, Healthcare Providers, and Industry in preventive action. In addition, the NIPC Alliance offers patients and members of the public a platform for information exchange and discovery with the aim of empowerment and self care. 

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