Cardiac Rehabilitation in Ireland

How to deliver best practice guidelines in current clinical practice

NIPC are accepting applications for our ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation in Ireland: How to deliver best practice guidelines in current clinical practice’ course. This is a free, 3-month online course designed to equip Cardiac Rehabilitation Practitioners in Ireland with the core knowledge, skills and competences to deliver rehabilitation services in clinical practice.

The course begins with a 4 hour online introductory session on Friday, 29th September followed by 3 months of self-directed online learning and culminates with a consolidation session.

Applications are only accepted from Cardiac Rehabilitation Professionals practicing in Ireland or working within the Chronic Disease Hubs.

If you are from outside of Ireland and would like to undertake this course, please book a place on Delivering Evidence-based Cardiac Rehabilitation in Practice course, beginning 26th July. 

Application Dealine: 1st September

Modules Include:

Module 1: Evidence and Practice


  • Contempory evidence for cardiac rehabiliation and its implication in Ireland
  • Approaches tht most effectively increase programme uptake

Module 2: How to Assess and Evalute Outcomes


  • The role of the multidisciplinary team in assessment and evaluation of health outcomes
  • Tools used to assess health behaviour change status
  • Measures and tools used to assess lifestyle related risk factors

Module 3: Health Behaviour Change in Practice


  • Why health behaviour change underpins successful cardiac rehabilitation
  • The basic principles and main methods for supporting health behaviour change

Module 4: Lifestyle Based Management


  • The role of tobacco exposure and the nature of tobacco dependence
  • The fundamentals of nutrition
  • The physiological changes with exercise training and the implications for the cardiac patient
  • Practical resources for signposting patients

Module 5: Addressing Psychological Health Effectively


  • Most common psychological factors related to heart disease
  • The role of cardiac rehabiliation practitioners in addressing sexual health
  • Key skills required to deliver these interventions

Module 6: Medical Management of BP, Lipids and Glucose


  • The management of hypertension, dyslipidaemia and diabetes
  • An Evidence base for the use of cardioprotective drug therapies in clinical practice
  • The importance of promoting patient compliance with prescibed preventive medications

Module 7: Models of Cardiac Rehabilitation


  • Key considerations when offering alternative methods of cardiac rehabilitation 
  • The evidence base for centre- versus home-based cardiac rehabilitation
  • The evidence for internet-based cardiac rehabilitation

Course Assessment

One Hour

 This course is for current Cardiac Rehabilitation Professionals in Ireland only. This is a free education course supported by the HSE and Healthy Ireland. Endorsed by the Irish Heart Foundation.

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