Prof J William McEvoy

Prof. J. William McEvoy

NIPC Medical and Research Director, Chair of Executive Council

This month is a busy month for me, been personally and professionally. My wife and I are expecting our third daughter and I am taking some paternity leave, which means I’ve been under immense pressure to clear my desk ahead of many outstanding tasks!

In addition to looking forward to our new addition, please God, I am looking forward to a number of NIPC updates in the coming month or so;
  1. We should have our results back from the MySlainte virtual interdisciplinary nurse led CVD prevention programme. I’m hopeful the results will look strong and create a case for future MySlainte programmes in the future. This approach is so very timely given COVID19 and the roll out of the new community specialist care hubs.
  2. I’m excited that our new NIPC chief operations officer, Julia Kettlewell, is due to start in early March. There is much work to be done, between assisting the HSE national heart programme in developing a model of care for CVD prevention on one hand and, on the other hand, helping us take advantage of the multiple and increasing opportunities being presented to NIPC that can all, in my opinion, make a real difference in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in this country. 
My thanks to all that joined for the very instructive Women Heart Matters webinar, what a great evening!


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