The National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health (NIPC) and the Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association (INCA) have come together in a joint initiative to help promote best practice guidelines in cardiovascular nursing.

A new European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Textbook of Cardiovascular Nursing has been released and the NIPC and INCA are collaborating to provide a free copy of the textbook to Coronary Care Units (CCU’s) in Ireland. The aim of this initiative is to enhance cardiovascular care nationally and to support CCU teams in the provision of high-quality patient care and continued cardiovascular learning and development.

The launch of this initiative was held at the October 2022 Irish Cardiac Society Conference in Cork  where the book was well received. In welcoming the initiative, Irene Gibson, Director of Programmes and Innovation at the NIPC outlined “There is a strong body of evidence showing that educational provision for nurses increases patient safety and saves lives. She continued by saying that given the enormous burden that CVD places on our population, it is imperative that we equip CVD nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver evidence-based, patient centred care.”

Irene Gibson (NIPC), Maria Hayes (INCA president) and Prof Vincent Maher (president of Irish Cardiac Society) at the ICS conference 2022

In 2017 an Irish cross-sectional survey of registered nurses (N= 542) from 45 hospitals was undertaken with the aim of identifying those factors associated with cardiovascular nurses’ perceived knowledge of international practice guidelines. It was observed that review or revision of the European Society of Cardiology practice guidelines in the previous year was associated with “higher” knowledge levels among those surveyed. This study further identified nurses’ specific knowledge needs. The results of this survey are being used towards the development of a collaborative education strategy supported by INCA and NIPC. According to Ms Maria Hayes, President of INCA “this collaboration of Associations as a team approach in providing this valuable knowledge resource will support cardiovascular nurses in the provision of patient care and continued cardiovascular learning and development”.

Dr Catriona Jennings, Director of Nursing and Interdisciplinary Relations at NIPC and Editor in Chief of the ESC textbook, said that the textbook was designed for clinical cardiac nurses, working in several different settings including the CCU. It is hoped that the book will be a valuable resource all.

Developed by the Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professionals, the ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Nursing provides in-depth learning for nurses specialising in cardiovascular care. The textbook emphasises high quality holistic care, considering the needs of patients with complex comorbidities, as well as their families. The imperative of prevention and rehabilitation is described as well as educational, behavioural and therapeutic interventions.

NIPC, INCA and ACNAP are committed to providing a wide range of educational and training programmes for nurse and healthcare professionals.

The National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health (NIPC) is a not-for-profit medical research and education institute. NIPC provides a portfolio of educational and training programmes in the promotion of active lifestyles and the prevention and control of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. NIPC members gain access to the online members resource centre and receive discounted rates for events and courses.

The Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association (INCA) was established 27 years ago to promote cardiovascular nursing research and knowledge dissemination. Membership to INCA is open to all registered general nurses and nursing students who work in or have an interest in primary or secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

Membership to each organisation is currently free.