COVID-19 – Message from NIPC Medical & Research Director

We are suddenly faced with an international health crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Many lives will be lost. Those of us with clinical responsibilities must focus all of our efforts on fighting this disease. I know many of you are in clinical roles and I wish you all well.


In times like this we see the best in people and its awesome to witness how much everyone in society wants to pitch in and fight this virus. This is particularly true for healthcare workers. Please, please, take personal protective equipment (PPE) seriously if you are in a clinical environment. I am now going up a notch in my PPE practice to a level above what I would otherwise consider reasonable. We cannot underestimate this virus or over-react to it, in my opinion. There are some signs this disease is being slowed by our efforts at physical distancing, so keep it up.

We must also remember that this virus will pass, just like others have and just as wars have ended. I remain positive and optimistic for the future. In some ways this intermittent state of crisis is part of life on earth and I hope it will provide much needed perspective to us all on how to move ahead in the post-COVID world; so that our planet becomes a better place for us all and for future generations. This post-COVID world will no doubt need people who understand the importance of healthy living and who are passionate about preventing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, I am sure that NIPC will be more needed than ever before in advancing evidence-based efforts to better ourselves and our environment.


For those of you with some time on your hands due to isolation, I would recommend you tune into the ACC conference sessions which are available on-demand for free for the next 90 days and include important updates on cardiovascular disease prevention.                       

This post is an extract from the monthly NIPC Alliance e-Bulletin.

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