Good weather always reinforces the joy of physical activity. I hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather in May and have been using it well. As advocates for CVD prevention, we must practice what we preach and be good role models for our patients; there is no excuse for not being physically active in this weather!

I encourage you to also use this weather to remind your patients of the mental and physical health benefits of activity and get them motivated to increase their own physical activity levels. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have begun to loosen, we have even more scope to get active within a 5 km radius of home. Unfortunately, however, we must also remember that COVID-19 remains a threat and is still lurking in our communities. A steady flow of COVID-19 infections remains an issue in the hospital so we cannot let down our guards yet.

Speaking of COVID-19, I am very proud that Prof Ger Flaherty, our NIPC director of academic affairs and fellowship, has recently been appointed as lead for the COVID-19 task force of the international society of travel medicine. I am sure Ger will do an outstanding job in this role, as he always does. I also encourage you to take a look at this link from an NIPC collaborator, Prof Lis Neubeck, which provides useful information on delivering healthcare remotely to cardiovascular patients during COVID-19. This effort by Prof Neubeck ties in nicely with another important initiative by Croi that aims to educate the community on how to safely manage symptoms of heart disease during COVID-19. It has become clear that some patients have avoided the hospital when they should have come in for medical care and we need to drive the message home that hospitals are open for business and that it’s not safe to sit on concerning symptoms of heart disease.

Finally, NIPC has been working hard with NUI Galway to expand our joint suite of Masters to include a new MSc offering in Obesity in addition to a major and exciting rejuvenation of our core and signature MSc in Preventive Cardiology under Dr Jenni Jones (inclusive of a new module on Cardiac Rehab). I encourage you to take a look and to consider these world class educational programmes.

This post is an extract from the monthly NIPC Alliance e-Bulletin.

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