Prof J William McEvoy

Prof. J. William McEvoy

NIPC Medical and Research Director, Chair of Executive Council

Welcome to our March NIPC E-Bulletin. I’m excited this month, not least because of the improving weather, but also because of successful progress at NIPC. We now have the results back from our MySlainte virtual lifestyle and rehab programme and they are very impressive indeed!

We found major reductions in systolic BP and LDL cholesterol among those fortunate enough to get into the MySlainte programme. Also, lifestyle factors such as physical activity, diet, body weight, and mood all improved. Indeed, many of the major results were BETTER in MySlainte than the results from our in-person equivalent programme (MyAction). This is amazing in many ways. We are currently preparing the formal report, so more detailed info on the MySlainte programme results will be forthcoming. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the impact of this programme so far and as we continue to face COVID19 and the post COVID-19 world, I think this data will create a very persuasive case for offering these types of virtual MySlainte lifestyle and cardiovascular rehab programmes to more adults around the country.

In other news, thanks to the hard work of Dr Jenni Jones, we now have expanded our suite of MSc programmes to include a new Masters in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Indeed, our NUIG/NIPC suite of Masters is becoming one of the most comprehensive in the world, which is a source of great pride. My thanks also to those who participated in the excellent NIPC webinar on CVD and Mental Health. Finally, please note our upcoming ECG workshop on May 22.


This post is an extract from the monthly NIPC Alliance e-Bulletin.

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