A session was dedicated to the Hot Topics in Lifestyle Approaches at the latest National Prevention Conference. As part of this series, Dr Catriona Jennings, Director of Nursing and Interdisciplinary Relations at the NIPC delivered a session on The Evaporating Benefits of E-Vaping. This session provides a balanced overview of the use of nicotine vaping devices for smoking cessation and the broader implications of their use for Society as a whole.

E-Vaping has become increasingly popular as a quit attempt from tobacco smoking. The graph above outlines the massive rise in E-Vaping in 2013 and 2014, overtaking NRT in smoking cessation. E-Vaping is incredibly popular, but is it effective?

E-Vapes were invented to help smokers quit, but some people argue that younger people are using E-Vaping as a gateway to smoke tobacco. However, there has been an increase among young people in using E-cigarettes and a decrease in them smoking tobacco. This indicates that people are giving up tobacco to use E-Vaping, so it is important to understand the safety and risk of both. Catriona explains how it was found that when both products were accompanied by the same behavioural support, E-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation in comparison to NRT.


Catriona explains how E-cigarettes are musch safer than smoking tobacco, as you are essentially eliminating the use of tar which is the main killer. She explains how the term “Harm Reduction” can be used to describe the benefits of E-Vaping, it is much better for humans to use nicotine rather than tobacco. Catriona conluded by saying that we should not take a war on drugs approach when dealing with nicotine. We all need to accept and understand the needs of people, and better tailor to these in a safer manner.

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