The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Nursing

This textbook is made up of fifteen chapters written by experts in the field. The pathology of coronary heart disease, heart failure, valvular disease, arrhythmias, congenital heart disease and inherited cardiovascular conditions are all discussed in great detail.

Whilst tailoring nursing assessment and interventions in the care of patients with heart disease, the textbook emphasises high quality holistic care taking into account the needs of patients with complex comorbidities, as well as their families. The imperative of prevention and rehabilitation in terms of both primary and secondary prevention is described as well as educational, behavioural and therapeutic interventions. The epidemiology of cardiovascular disease is covered, including disease burden and inequalities across Europe. Chapters devoted to education and communication and pharmacology also feature and the book concludes with a chapter which discusses the future challenges and opportunities for nurses and the evolution of nursing in cardiovascular care.

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The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology

Covering both principles and practice, The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology is a state of the art resource for both the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Comprehensive, practical and extensively linked to practice guidelines and recommendations from the European Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR), it clearly connects the latest evidence base to strategies and proposals for the implementation of prevention in clinical practice.

With a strong clinical focus the topics covered range from epidemiology and risk stratification through psychological factors, behaviour and motivation to secondary prevention, integrating hospital-based and community care for cardiovascular disease prevention and information on cardio-protective drugs. Case studies, clinical decision-making trees and drug tables with recommended doses and potential side-effects make it easier than ever to implement treatments in practice.

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The ESC Textbook of Preventive Cardiology: Putting Prevention into Practice

While acknowledging that cardiovascular disease prevention efforts must be complemented by societal and community-based strategies, this handbook focuses on practical strategies that can be used in clinical settings. Concise and easily accessible, it guides readers through the patient and family pathway—from patient identification, recruitment of the patient and family, assessing lifestyle and risk factors, to managing lifestyle change, reducing risk factors, and compliance with cardioprotective drug therapies. Information on how to deliver a health promotion workshop programme and run a supervised exercise programme is also included.

Packed with checklists and diagrams, such as risk estimation charts, helps health workers contribute in real and practical ways to the prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Complementing the Joint European Guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention and in line with recommendations from the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, it is an invaluable source of tools and skills to assist with the delivery of effective cardiovascular disease prevention.

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