COPD Flyer

An Integrated Approach to Managing COPD and Heart Disease

The NIPC are delighted to offer this free, online training and education programme, designed for healthcare professionals in Ireland. The course covers the core knowledge, skills and latest insights to support patients with COPD and Heart Disease.

Topics include:

    • Insights into the latest treatments in COPD and heart disease including treatments that can prevent and control symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations, improve health status and improve exercise tolerance.
    • Increased awareness of the interconnectivity between comorbidities and the inter-related benefits of the multidisciplinary integrated approach to slow disease progression and optimise the quality of life for people with COPD and heart disease.Increased understanding of how patient centered approaches and support for self-management can support disease management.
    • An understanding of how to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes for patients that have an impact on maximising their control over their COPD and improve their quality of life, reduce exacerbations, reduce attendance at hospital and the doctor.
    • Expanded knowledge of the different approaches in patient care and how an integrated care pathways can improve outcomes.

The course begins with a live online introductory session, followed by 4 self-paced online modules that are completed over 6 weeks, and culminates with a live online interactive consolidation session. 

Application Deadline is 10th March, apply using the form below.