NIPC Fellowship Programme

The NIPC Fellowship Programme honours individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the Institute and who have made highly significant contributions to the field of preventive cardiology, either by virtue of their clinical leadership or track record in education, research and/or public policy development.

The programme is administered by the NIPC Fellowship Committee. NIPC Fellows are recognised experts and opinion leaders in the field of preventive cardiology and are able to demonstrate commitment to the mission of the NIPC. At the 10th National Prevention Conference (2023), we are delighted to officially announce the 2023 Class of Fellows.

IMPORTANT information for applicants: Please nominate a Fellow to provide a reference. A reference must be provided by a current full Fellow of the NIPC or a Fellowship committee member, who is in a position to comment on your application (excludes Committee Chair, Associate and Honorary Fellows).

Honorary Fellows 2023

Norma Caples

Prof John G. Harold

Dr Joe Gallagher

Congratulations to our 2023 Class of Fellows

Corcoran, Marissa (2023)
Elfghi,Marah (2023) (elevated)
Hayes, Maria (2023)*
Keaver, Laura (2023)
McCaughey, Conor (2023)*
Ross, Catherine (2023)

*denotes Associate Fellowship

Honorary Fellows 2022

Prof. Molly Byrne

Prof. Seán F. Dinneen

Congratulations to our 2022 Class of Fellows

Abdelsalaam Ben Saaud (2022) (elevated)
Burke, Noeleen (2022)*
Costello, Caroline (2022)
Omar, Fatma (2022)*
Said, Marwa (2022)*
Sultan, Sherif (2022)
Teague, Siobhan (2022)*

*denotes Associate Fellowship

Honorary Fellows 2021

Dr Susan Connolly

Prof. Kenneth McDonald

Congratulations to our 2021 Class of Fellows

Al-Nouri, Fahad (2021) *
Darrat, Milad (2021)*
Elfghi, Marah (2021) *
Keegan, Dylan (2021)*
Kerins, Claire (2021)
Meade, Oonagh (2021)
Murphy, Ronan Padraic (2021)*
Naqvi, Syed Yaseen (2021) *
Robinson, Elaine (2021)
Seery, Suzanne (2021)
Tawfick, Wael (2021)

*denotes Associate Fellowship

Honorary Fellows 2020

Prof. Ian Graham

Prof. Lis Neubeck

Prof. Emer Shelley

Prof. David Wood

Congratulations to our 2020 Class of Fellows

Ben Saaud, Abdelsalam (2020) *
Conboy, Tara (2020)
Duffy, Claire (2020) *
Dunne, Denise (2020)
Finn, Yvonne (2020)
Flaherty, Gerard (2020)
Jennings, Catriona (2020)
Liew, Chee Hwui (2020) *
Martin, Liam (2020)

*denotes Associate Fellowship

Call for Fellowship Applications

Informal enquiries can be directed to Prof Gerard Flaherty, NIPC Director of Academic Affairs and Fellowship (