Research and Publication Highlights

Below is a summary of research and publication highlights from the NIPC/NUIG partnership. This section will be updated over time and we will include more information on our research programmes, funding sources, and research collaborations.  

Research Study Highlights


This is the first nationally representative Irish study of secondary prevention among patients with CHD. Over 600 patients were enrolled at 9 sites across Ireland, with the results presented at the 2019 Irish Cardiac Society meeting.


This 2019-2020 study is supported by the SlainteCare Integration fund and will allow the MyAction programme to recommence in Galway, with the addition of new eligibility subgroups.


Francis Finucane has run a derivative of MyAction, termed CLANN, among patients attending his weight loss clinic and has collected rich data on demographics, anthropomorphics, and physical fitness. The analyses of these data commenced in late 2019.


This is currently our flagship research project. Members of our team have been leading surveys evaluating the quality of secondary and primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Europe for more than two decades and our most recent survey, EUROASPIRE V (2016-18), across 27 countries was published in 2019. We now plan to expand EUROASPIRE to other geographies, The overall objective of INTERASPIRE is to describe the management of cardiovascular risk factors, and current use of cardioprotective medications, in relation to international and national guideline standards on prevention of cardiovascular disease. The survey will be conducted in 30 selected countries (2019-21, recruiting over 12,000 participants), from the 5 WHO regions outside Europe, and a pilot study is being conducted in Argentina and Malaysia in late 2019. Find out more here