The NIPC are delighted to offer this free, online training and education programme, designed to equip healthcare professionals in Ireland with the core knowledge, skills and competences to deliver evidence-based obesity management.

The course begins with a live online introductory session on Wednesday, 28th February from 18:30 – 20:30, followed by 8 self-paced online modules that are completed over 3 months, and culminates with a live online interactive consolidation session.

Course participants will be able to claim 16+ hours of CPD points

Applications are welcome from current healthcare professionals practicing in Ireland working within Chronic Disease Hubs or in the area of chronic disease management within primary care.

Application deadline, 14th February

The course will cover:

  • The ASOI Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Understanding obesity and the current situation in Ireland
  • Obesity Stigma & Patient perspectives
  • Obesity assessment in primary care
  • Obesity treatment in primary care
  • Medical nutritional therapy
  • Physical activity and movement
  • Psychological and Behavioural Interventions
  • Treatments in obesity management
  • Common complications of obesity and their management

Modules Include:

Module 1: Obesity Stigma & Patient perspectives

This module is designed to enhance patient-centred conversations about overweight or obesity with their patients. Learn about the science and aetiology of obesity and understand how to provide a supportive environment and achieve an effective intervention. The module provides guidance on initiating patient-centred, health focused conversations with patients. 

Module 2: Obesity Assessment in Primary Care

This module is designed to explore the role of primary care and focus on what can be done. Gain an understanding of the latest best practice guidelines, evidence-based interventions and approaches used for the best impact and patient outcomes in practice. Participants will also gain insight into the importance of the patient’s history

Module 3: Obesity Treatment Management in Primary Care

This module is designed to increase understanding and provide insight into the latest treatment and therapies in weight management. A range of evidence-based interventions are identified along with approaches that can have a positive impact on patients and can manage their expectations of treatment. The overall aim is to support long-term health outcomes for patients.

Module 4: Medical Nutritional Therapy

Gain an increased understanding and insight into the latest nutritional intervention options in weight management. A range of evidence-based nutritional interventions are identified along with approaches that can have a positive impact on long term patient goals. Nutrition interventions can achieve health outcomes for chronic disease risk reduction and quality of life improvements.

Module 5: Physical Activity in Obesity Management

Receive updates on the latest guidance in physical activity in weight management. A range of approaches are identified that can have a positive impact a wide range of health benefits in adults across all BMI categories. Rather than viewing physical activity through a narrow focus of its influence on body weight, physical activity should be considered in the context of its broader influence on physical and mental health outcomes and ultimately its role in the preservation of participation and quality of life.

Module 6: Effective Psychological and Behavioural Interventions in Obesity Management

This module focuses on the importance of developing a collaborative relationship and providing support to patients to help them achieve sustainable behaviour change. The module provides guidance on working with patients to set achievable, sustainable goals to which they can adhere, while developing confidence to overcome barriers.

Module 7: Pharmacotherapy and Surgery in Obesity Management

This module is designed to increase understanding of the use of pharmacotherapy and other treatments in weight loss and weight management to support chronic obesity management.

Module 8: Common Complications of Obesity and their Management

This module provides an overview of the complications that can develop for people living with obesity. The module identifies how to screen for complications and what to look for when assessing patients in primary care.

The development of this course has been funded by HSE and supported by the National Clinical Programme for Obesity.

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