Professor Bill McEvoy, the Medical and Research director at NIPC, professor of preventive cardiology at NUIG and consultant cardiologist at University Hospital Galway provides a brief summary of the research activities which have taken place, as well as a number of ongoing studies at NIPC. The NIPC is increasing the amount of studies taking place, the outputs in relation to publications, the number of people in the research team and the predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows in hopes to continue growing for the future.

Eurospire was a set of surveys conducted around Europe on secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, this study was led by Professor David Wood who is a faculty member at NUIG and he serves on the NIPC executive committee. Professor Wood is a leading light in European preventive cardiology and the Eurospire surveys have been instrumental to the understanding of secondary prevention in Europe. Interaspire is an extension of Euroaspire and is the most important study to highlight at the minute. Interaspire is a worldwide effort, in hopes to enrol 400 patients from 30 different countries which will allow for 12,000 coronary heart disease patients to be enrolled. This will be done to gain a better understanding around the world to see how we are doing with our secondary prevention efforts. The NIPC is coordinating this very large study.

Professor McEvoy discusses many other studies taking place within the NIPC at the minute, such as iASPIRE, the My Action Programme, research to study the use of ultrasound to detect coronary artery calcium and much more research which will take place over the next year.

The NIPC is working towards becoming an international leader in cardiovascular disease prevention both in terms of Research and in Education and Training. These efforts will translate into improved efforts and outcomes for all of our patients. We would also like to invite any investigators, physicians or healthcare workers who have a passion for this and who have time on their hands, to contact us.

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