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Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion - Approaches to Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Prevention

Established in 1990, the Discipline of Health Promotion, National University of Ireland Galway is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Ireland. It is the National Centre for Professional Training and Education in Health Promotion. The Discipline of Health Promotion administers a one year distance education programme, Postgraduate Certificate in Health Promotion - Approaches to Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Prevention, in partnership with Croí, the Irish Heart Foundation and Diabetes Ireland.

Programme Aim

The programme aims to provide candidates with professional education and training in the principles and practice of health promotion as applied to the promotion of cardiovascular health and diabetes prevention. The programme is designed for health care professionals who work in the area of health promotion and in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes (for example nurses, public health nurses, general practitioners, health and exercise promoters).

Programme Duration

This part-time programme commences each October with final coursework being submitted June of the following year. Students are required to attend a number of workshops (typically 1 Friday per month with the occasional Saturday) together with participation in directed study at a distance.

To find out more please download the Course Brochure.

Applications are opening soon.

For further information contact:

Ms. Anne O'Grady, Discipline of Health Promotion, NUI Galway, Ireland

Phone: 091-493644

Email: anne.ogrady@nuigalway.ie

Web: www.nuigalway.ie/hpr

Read some of our student testimonials

Click on the links below to read some of our student testimonials:

  • Pharmacist


    Why did you take up the programme?

    I felt I needed to know more regarding diabetes and heart disease, so I could deliver a competent and up to date service to the patients that come into the pharmacy.

    Did it meet your expectations?

    Yes, it really did. I felt I learned so much about each of these conditions and more! I learned about organisations and policy documents that I never even knew existed, and totally familiarised myself with up to date guidelines regarding exercise, sugar intake, BMI etc. We get information sent into the pharmacy regarding conditions, but you'd be so busy working that you rarely get time to sit down and read them. I felt that with the course, you were taught about them in class and then with the assignments you were forced to learn more about them. I really liked the way the course placed a big emphasis on teaching the patient on how to help themselves so that they could be in control of their own health.

    Has it changed your practice, and if so in what way?

    It has! I think I learned a lot in the motivational interviewing, and am happy to guide the patient into making up their own mind to do the right thing for their health. I'm happy to advise people on their conditions - cardiovascular and diabetic and know exactly where to guide them for advice if I am unsure about something.

    Would you recommend this programme and why?

    Definitely, I really enjoyed it. And every day, I am putting in to use what I learned in the course. Keeping up to date with conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease is vital - after all they are recognised as being major problems in the future.

  • Pharmacist 2

    Pharmacist 2

    Why did you take up the programme?

    I took up the course because health promotion and disease prevention have become much more prominent in community pharmacy and society in general.

    Did it meet your expectations?

    I found the course challenging and it gave me the background and an understanding of health promotion, which is in fact totally different to counselling patients on the use of their medicines etc.

    Has it changed your practice, and if so in what way?

    I now have the confidence and knowledge to act in a more health promoting role, and to develop it as much as possible in the community pharmacy. Doing the course with health professionals from other backgrounds is invaluable in understanding the multi-disciplinary aspect of health promotion.

    Would you recommend this programme and why?

    While the course is challenging the lecturers were always willing to assist and advise us, and we had some very interesting contributions from the various organisations involved in health promotion in Ireland.

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